Happy Birthday, Miles

Here is the first picture of Miles, at age 13!!!  I took it right after he woke up, thus the sleepy face and crooked glasses.


Goofy Glasses

Marcus got these glasses from the treasure chest at school.  Aren’t they funny?

Willow the Attack Dog

Willow loves to act ferocious.

First Day of School 2011

The kids went back to school today.  Miles is in 7th, Marcus in 5th, and Mackenzie in 2nd.  I can’t believe how grown up they are.  It seems like just yesterday we were sending Miles to kindergarten for the first time.

Willow comes home

Willow is finally home!!  She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.  She’s already pooped and peed on the floor once.  Mackenzie and I just gave her a bath, now she’s sleeping soundly in her lap.

Mackenzie & Willow. Do you think she's excited?

After her bath


Willow and Oscar getting aquainted

Mackenzie and Willow watching TV

All worn out

Angie and Dorian meet again!

Here is a picture of me and Angie.  Angie and I met in 1998, when we were both pregnant.  She was pregnant with Isaiah and I was pregnant with Miles.  We both joined an email group, with a bunch of other girls pregnant and due in September 1998.  About 8 of us are still a group, I call them loopies.  We met face to face back in 2006, back when I first moved to Iowa.  She lives in Sioux Falls SD, so we aren’t too far away.  I drove up for the weekend, but I didn’t bring any of the kids with me.  This past weekend, we were in SW Minnesota.  We were only about 15 minutes from where Angie was going to be at a family reunion.  It couldn’t have worked out any better.  Angie, her husband Dwyane, and Isaiah came out Saturday night to swim.  I loved getting to see her again!!  Here is a picture of us together.  I also have one of Miles and Isaiah, but that will come later.  I don’t know where it is.

Angie and Dorian

Minnesota Vacation Park #3 – Misc. Pictures

Here are some other pictures we took along the way.

Iowa Barn Quilt

An actual working phone booth. The kids didn't even know what it was.

Marcus got in on the phone booth action too.

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