Introducing Willow

Mackenzie has shown such maturity with Nana and Papa’s dog, Buddy.  She’s been begging to get a dog of her own.  So for her 8th birthday, we’re getting a Zuchon (cross between a Bichon Frise & Shih Tzu).  She was born on June 21.  She’s not quite ready to come home, so we went to visit.


Go Fish in Pella

Tonight, Myrna and I took Marcus and Mackenzie to see Go Fish Guys @ Vermeer.  We left a little early, as Marcus was getting quite overstimulated with all the noise and lights.  While we were there, they had a great time.  We even had McDonald’s for dinner!!

Marcus enjoying his french fries

Mackenzie enjoying her french fries

Waiting for the show to start

Having fun?

Go Fish Guy, Jason Folkmann (Mackenzie got to shake his hand)

Camp Fire

We had a camp fire last night.  We roasted hot dogs, made smores, and played with sparklers.

Marcus Goes To Camp

Marcus went to camp today.  He’ll be there until Friday.  This is Music & Motion week.  Marcus was so excited to go.  Last night I told him we’d leave today, after lunch.  Today, right after he had breakfast, he asked if he could have lunch.  🙂

Outside Camp Sunnyside

This is Marcus' new picture taking face


4th of July 2011

We spent the day celebrating with our local parade and activities.

Marcus trying to dunk Miles' science teacher

Melanie joined the kids in the bounce house