Monte’s Rock

Here is Monte’s adoption anniversary present from his Mom and Dad.  They delivered it today!!

Papa's Rock

M3 and Papa's rock


Pool Fun

Miles and Mackenzie had a blast tonight, in the pool.  Once again, Monte got some great shots.


Here is what I’ve been making lately.  I’ve become obsessed with them.  I have even sold a few.  🙂

Made this for an old friend

I made 2 of these, to give to our church choir director and piano player

I made this one much bigger than any of the others

Made for Monte's sister, Marci. Check out the 'extra' ladybugs I added.

A big one I made for myself

2nd Annual SNAG-IT 2011

Today was the 2nd annual SNAG-IT (Special Needs All-Star Game) in Newton.  Marcus participated in it last year too.  We all went out to cheer him on.


T-ball Round 2

Here are some great shots that Monte took of Mackenzie’s 2nd t-ball game.

Such a serious face

Nana and Mackenzie

Even at the age of 7, Mackenzie is a snuggly girl.

Iron Man

Miles is at it again.  My iron recently decided to stop heating up.  Miles loves appliances that quit.  It’s a chance to take something else apart.  Here are before and after pictures.



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