Homecoming Parade 2010-2011

L-S students and staff have a great way to celebrate homecoming.  This was our first year being a part of it. 

K-8 Principal Terri Bowlin, School Superintendant Shane Ehresman, & High School Principal Matt Rasmusson

Mackenzie and 1 of her classmates

Marcus and Mrs. Gurthrie (in the center front)

Bus full of 6 graders! (Miles is hiding in there someplace)

Group Photo

Marcus & Mrs. Guthrie (Marcus' aide)


Birthday Bowling

Marcus wanted to go bowling for his birthday, so we made it a family night out. 

Birthday Cake

Nana was creative with Marcus’ birthday cake this year, cupcakes with a bowling bal and pin.  Marcus loves bowling.  Pictures of birthday bowling are up next.

Happy Birthday, Marcus!!

Here is another video Monte did to celebrate a birthday, this time Marcus!!  Happy 10th Birthday, Bubba!!

Mackenzie the Turtle

I know it’s been awhile since we updated last.  It’s been pretty uneventful around here.  Here is a cute picture I took of Mackenzie this morning.

Week 1

Week 1 of school is over.  ::phew:: 

Things are going well for Mackenzie.  We haven’t heard any complaints from her.  Most notable…she brought home a worksheet page with an absolute PERFECT capital letter G!!  I couldn’t have done it that well.  🙂

Marcus is doing well too!!!  He has perfect stars on all of his behaviour charts.  He’s gotten lots of extra playtime as his reward.  He’s loving his new 1-1 aide (Mrs. DeGooey retired). 

Miles just finished his first week of middle school.  It is definitely a big change for the kids.  He’s handling it very well!!  They change classrooms and have different teachers for each subject.  Plus, they are allowed to pick extra items in the lunch line!!!  lol

Fall is definitely coming.  It was 49 at 7:30 am today.  It’s a wonderful sunny day though.  The corn and beans are changing, it’ll be harvest time soon.  Plus it’s football season.  The Hawkeyes won today.  Now, lets see how the Wolverines do. 

Sorry for the boring post, there nothing else new for now.