First Day of School

It’s that time again.  It’s the first day of school!!!  The kids are off, not necessarily ready (lol), but their off!  Mackenzie is in 1st grade, Marcus in 4th, and Miles in 6th.  Miles is in middle school this year, which means he’ll move from classroom to classroom, with different kids and different teachers.  He was a bit nervous about that.  Here are their pictures:


Origami Concord

 I mentioned earlier that Miles got a bunch of origami books for his birthday, from Grandpa and Mary.  He was successful at making a Concord.  Here are some pics.

Bug Boy

Miles got these cool Praying Mantis glasses for his birthday. 

12th Birthday Video

Monte put together a great video montage for Miles’ 12th birthday.  It’s wonderful!!!

Origami with Dollar Bills

Miles will be turning 12 on Saturday, 8/28.  One of his presents from my Dad and Step Mom was a cool book on how to make origami with dollar bills (along with airplanes and a trick book), with some dollar bills to practice with.  Here is a picture of him trying it out.

Mackenzie’s Toes

Mackenzie had her very first pedicare.  Aunt Marci took her.  She had a blast.  Here’s the final product:


My absolute favorite flower is the Zinnia.  I tried to grow some last year, but it didn’t work out.  We got plants, but they never flowered.  This year Marcus & Mackenzie planted some in pots for me.  We’ve got a flower!!  I think we’re getting a second one too.  Did I mention that I LOVE Zinnia’s?!!  🙂

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