Final Butterfly Post?

I think this will be our final butterfly post. The reason I say I think is because we still have custody of two of them. Their wings look a bit ragged. So, we’re going to give them a few more days and try to release them again. Here are the pictures:


Beautiful Butterflies

Yes, I know…the butterflies have dominated our blog lately.  All five are doing well.  They are so pretty.  We will continue to feed & watch them until Tuesday night, when Miles returns home from Michigan.  Monte and I finally got some good pictures.

5 Butterflies

They’ve all joined the Goodyk family!!!  They sure move quick though.  I checked on them at 8:50 CST, the remaining three were still inside their chryslids.  Now, at 10:01 CST, Mackenzie hollered, “There are more butterflies”.  3 more to be exact.  I can’t get any good pictures.  One is right up next to the zipper opening so I kept it open long enough to add a new orange slice and replace their sugar water paper towels.  I’ll get some more pictures when they’re moving around a bit more.  This is so much fun!!  Now I have to read the instructions to see when we need to release them.  NOT until Miles comes home from Michigan though.


We have butterflies!!  Just a couple of minutes ago, Monte noticed that the two that had been laying at the bottom of the garden had shed their chrysalis’.  How exciting.  I really want to see them shedding in person, but Miles is in Michigan so I hope they hold off for a few more days so he can see it too.  If nothing else, we’ll video it.  Here are some shots we just got of the two that ‘woke up’. 

Moving Day for Chrysalids

We transfered our chrysalids into their butterfly garden.  The butterflies will begin to emerge approximately 7-10 after the chrysalids were formed, so we’re going to keep a close eye on them.  The two we thought were dead had formed their chrysalis at the bottom of the cup.  So these pictures include them at the bottom of the garden.


It has been quite hot and humid here lately.  There are heat advisories all around the state.  I decided to take a picture so we could share.  🙂

Update on Catepillars

Three of the five catepillars have begun to create their chrysalis.  Two of them are laying (correct version?) at the bottom of the container.  I don’t think they survived.  Here is a recent picture:

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